hand sanitizer!

Familiarize yourself with the multifunctional hand disinfection station with automatic temperature measurement and a multimedia system.

Automatic and touchless Dispenser
For Hand Disinfection

Check out the video for the Baromedical automatic hand sanitizer. Baromedical multi-functional stations, apart from ensuring a high standard of hygiene and safety, also has the functions of an advertising medium or an information point. The stations are additionally equipped with automatic body temperature measurement, barometric sensors and sensors measuring air pollution.

Automatic Body Temperature Measurement
and non-contact hand disinfection

Automatic measurement of body temperature and non-contact hand disinfection are the basic functions that ensure a high level of hygiene and our safety. In addition, the Baromedical hand disinfection machine is equipped with a number of other sensors that take care of our health, including barometric sensors and sensors checking the state of air pollution in the vicinity of the station

Automatic temperature

The station is equipped with a non-contact thermometer that automatically checks the body temperature, it is displayed on a digital display.

hand disinfection

Sterile and non-contact disinfection of hands is possible thanks to an automatic dispenser equipped with a sensor detecting the presence of hands


Baromedical has equipped its stations not only with non-contact safety functions. He also took care of measuring the air purity

Innovative, Multifunctional
Hand Disinfection Station

A number of innovative features of the Baromedical hand sanitizer 
make it the most modern hand sanitizer on the market.

Automatic Body
Temperature Measurement

Body temperature measurement is automatic and contactless thanks to the use of a digital thermometer.

Non-contact Hand Disinfection

Non-contact hand disinfection is possible due to the use of a proximity sensor that activates the nozzle with the disinfectant liquid.

Multimedia screen

An excellent information point or advertising medium through the use of an LED screen that ensures the highest quality.

Remote Management

Digital Signage allows you to manage the content on the screen from anywhere in the world through a dedicated application.

Barometric functions

A number of sensors inform us about the current barometric situation and the level of air pollution in the environment.

Child safety

The station can also be used by children, thanks to the use of a sensor that allows the station to be used only in the presence of an adult.

Voice commands

The station has a voice system that can transmit any information or, for example, inform about the need to disinfect hands.


The device is powered by both the mains and built-in batteries, which means that the station can be located anywhere.

Multimedia Newsstand / Infokiosk /
Totem Multimedia Sales Support Point

The multifunctional Baromedical hand disinfection stations ensure hygiene and protection in all public places where special safety is required, such as: restaurants, shops, airports, medical points, offices, factories and many others.

The stations are also equipped with a multimedia screen, on which can display any movie, presentation or photo, and a system of voice messages, which include reminder  to disinfect your hands. Such equipment makes Baromedical stations a perfect information point or sales support point. It allows to reach the customer more effectively, and at the same time help maintain common safety.


A perfect complement to the automated station is an application for smartphones that monitors the user’s health.

This allows the operator to stay in an isolated room and react only in the event of  higher temperature of the person being tested.


As a result, people working as receptionists or guards are much less likely to become infected with a large flow of people

If any irregularities are detected, the built-in screen of the device displays the appropriate color and activates the sound signaling. Information about the need to check the health condition is sent via Bluetooth in real time using the application for the phone.


Digital Signage are the most common professional screens and are used in shopping malls, offices and other public spaces. On the surface, it seems to us that these are ordinary TV sets, but in fact they are professional multimedia screens with an extended working life and the ability to manage content from anywhere in the world.

Digital Signage monitors are a great element of a marketing campaign, where we can manage content remotely. In this way, we can precisely determine the time and place of displaying specific information on many different locations and screens, e.g. to promote a specific product or, for example, a special offer.

Door To Door Delivery

The highest comfort and security of delivery!

Multifunctional hand disinfection stations from Baromedical are packed in specially designed, dedicated cartons that allow you to secure the device during transport and allow Door to Door delivery.

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